A Place For You

Here at Cornerstone United Pentecostal Church there is a Place for You.

Children’s Ministries:

Our children are our future. We believe Church should be fun and exciting. Our Teachers and Staff teach inviting lessons, using crafts, puppet shows and interactive learning to encourage all children to get involved in living for God. We have special programs for kids of all ages.

Ladies Ministries:

Women are so important to the work of God. Here at Cornerstone we believe in a women’s ministry in the home and in the church. We have special prayer meetings, fellowships and get together’s to promote and strengthen today’s Christian women. Daily devotionals and support are key to being the Christian leader we strive to be.

Men’s Ministries:
Men are the spiritual leaders of their families, however, managing all of life’s demands can be daunting and undertaking this challenge alone can be difficult. A powerful prayer life and the support of a good Church family can make all the difference. Here at Cornerstone we believe every man has something valuable to contribute. Whether your roots are established or you’re taking your first steps toward better stewardship, we welcome you. Join us today and see what a difference a strong foundation can make.

Outreach Ministries:
The purpose of the Outreach ministry is to model Christ’s concern for people, both individually and collectively in communities. Outreach ministries are called to deal with the needs and concerns of persons beyond the congregation, relating the ministry of the local church to the needs of the world through compassion and prayer. We provide a food pantry and support to our local neighborhoods through our outreach and service to the community. We bring not only the gospel to the people, but food and encouragement.

No matter your ability or calling, Cornerstone has a place for You!